Unique Experiences in Johannesburg

Visiting new cities is one of the most exciting things you can do. While visiting large cities can at times be wild, planning can be a big help. Johannesburg being one of the most developed cities in Africa, getting lost will be a risk.

With the love of traveling comes a fear of not making the most of our holiday. Finding exciting and unique places to visit can be tricky in any new city. If you plan to visit Johannesburg, here are some of the unique local experiences you will find there. 

Collectors Treasury

The treasury is Africa’s largest used and rare bookshop. With over a million books neatly packed on eight floors, there will be something for you. As soon as you enter the bookshop, you stumble onto a collection of second-hand books.

Tall piles of books cover every possible space in the shop. Even the elevator has not escaped the book collection with a Connor reserved for the books.

Take your time finding a way through the endless maze of books, and you will unearth plenty of treasures. Be it first editions or even books that are no longer published are available in this collection.

Founded in 1974 and run by brothers Jonathan and Geoffrey, it holds some of Africa’s most crucial historical literature. This bookshop is defiantly one of the unique experiences you will find in Johannesburg.

Neighbourgoods Market 

The market was founded in 2011 by Cameron Munro and Justin Rhodes, partnering with Adam Levy. The rooftop market is breathing new hope to the Braamfontein area. Inviting thousands of visitors to the inner art scenes of ‘Jozi,’ it has become one of the most popular markets.

With over 100 stalls, you will not fall short of options. Sample the local food and desserts as you look through the local antique clothing and jewelry.

Take a break from the entire shopping, grab a local beer and enjoy the soothing sounds from a live band. All this urban-style market will leave you longing for more as soon as you leave.

Remember that on the first Thursday of the month you can enjoy the night market. Move over to the Great Dane just across the street and party the night away after market closure.  For those who like dancing the night away, then this is the place to be.

Origins Center

Johannesburg is a treasure when it comes to the history of man. Hundreds of fossils and artwork discovered here. The origins center, hosted by the University of Witwatersrand, displays much of these historical finds.

As one of the unique experiences in Johannesburg, the Origins Center will provide an insight into human development over the ages. Although the museum focuses on the human development of the South African people, there’s enough to keep you captivated.  

You can choose to tour the museum with a guide or with a headset. There you will find displays like the panels showing the history of the san people. Developed by a group of local women, it serves as a time lime for the san people. You will see everything from the distant past, colonial period to the current issues the san people face.

When visiting Johannesburg, move around the city and also interact with people. By doing this, you will find a lot of hidden gems as well as exciting new experiences. Try and be as flexible as you can and open yourself to new opportunities. Never forget that unique experiences are always out there, just waiting for you to discover and enjoy.